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Client Testimonials

Thank you

We have designed our company around the people we meet and work with.  Your comments, opinions and support are why we continue to design and build.  
Thank you for choosing Hanson Homes and for spreading a kind word about your experience!

We couldn’t possibly be happier with our Hanson Home and our experience working with Brian and Lindsey. To say they are true professionals and the best in the area would be an understatement. Brian is an artist, and an absolute master at his craft. His attention to detail is second to none. Lindsey has a profound ability to see things on a grand scale. We had a very specific style, and were initially hesitant to work with a designer. Lindsey made the entire process so exceptionally easy for us. She never lost site of the key design elements that were important to us, and implemented everything we love in the most creative and unexpected ways. Both were incredibly responsive throughout the entire build, from design to completion. We felt like their only clients, although they had multiple, sizable projects during our build. Some of the littlest things set them apart. They kept an impeccably clean job site, and updated the online portal with photos, budgets, timelines and design templates. We expected the process to be stressful, having heard stories from friends and family who have built custom homes, but our entire project was stress-free. We would recommend Brian and Lindsey to ANYONE looking to build a home. Hanson Homes exceeded our expectations across the board, finishing our project on time and slightly under budget. Bottom line, Brian and Lindsey are trustworthy, reliable, impeccable home builders that we are lucky to call our friends. We are happy to share specifics about our experience with anyone considering them for a project, and welcome their current and future clients into our home.

Shelly Lloyd

As the proud new owners of "The Willow" I have the highest possible praise for this Hanson Homes creation. This is not a house, it is a home, warm and cozy. The rooms flow together perfectly, the sight lines are perfect, the color scheme beautifully balanced all uniting into a wonderful place to live. The quality of the design and the construction right down to the finest details is remarkable. My brother who builds houses for millionaires in California is amazed by the workmanship and finishes. Brian and Lindsey Hanson are a great team of homemakers.

Julian and Sharon Schink

We saw a previous home they did and had to have them do our new home - The Grand Reserve - and the result was amazing! They were super easy to work with from project inception to project end and made sure we were comfortable every step of the way. They used the highest quality materials and had great attention to detail...they even put in a few things to make our home unique. Everything is just perfect. We're going to have them do a follow up project on the home in the spring and something in the basement after that. We're so glad we met them and had them do our home...we now count them as friends.


D. Walz


Brian and Lindsey Hanson are superb! I would give them 10s in all categories.....On time,cost, detail, professionalism,work quality,politeness,friendliness,cleanliness,etc. The construct at my home had to do with creating a sunroom and this included changing existing walls, windows and floors. They also did kitchen reconstruction simultaneously. I have owned 4 homes over past 30 years and have had many construction companies and projects. They come in first!


C. Elisevich

We hired Hanson Homes to do our basement finishing this past summer, and their work was phenomenal. From the detailed finishes provided by Brian to the great design ideas provided by Lindsey, the Hanson Homes team helped transform our basement into something we can enjoy for years to come. We are so appreciative of all they did for us!


The Patten Family

                                                                                                               After finding the ideal property of our dreams, my wife and I interviewed                                                                                                                               several builders and made the decision to go with Hanson Homes.                                                                                                                                         Anticipating that this would be our home for the next few decades, it was not                                                                                                                       a decision we took lightly. Within a few short weeks of working together and                                                                                                                       a handful of meetings, there was no doubt in my mind that we had made the                                                                                                                         right decision. A few things really stood out to me over the labor intensive                                                                                                                           process of building a home with Brian and Lindsey: 

                                                                                                               1. Honest feedback. My wife and I had dozens and dozens of creative ideas to                                                                                                                     incorporate into our home over the last year and we often looked to Brian and                                                                                                                     Lindsey for their advice. Whereas many builders would just nod their head and offer a supportive and uninterested yes each time to move the project along, the Hanson's weren't afraid to disagree with us, telling us why an idea might not work or look good. This occurred in every phase of the building process from the architectural design to the interior finishes and was very much appreciated. 
2. Proactive ideas. As opposed to just sticking to the script, Brian and Lindsey often suggested on-the-go ideas to incorporate into our home. I see so many features in and around our house that are a direct result of their thoughtful creativity. These special touches were implemented throughout the entire process. It was very apparent that like my wife and I, they were constantly thinking about ways to perfect our home. 
3. Timely service. I can't emphasize how prompt Brian and Lindsey were with all of our questions and concerns throughout the building process. Countless emails, phone calls and texts were responded to immediately. I was incredibly impressed that this exceptional service didn't waver one bit from our first meeting to our last. 
4. Accurate information. Over the course of the last year, my wife and I obviously had numerous questions throughout the building process. When something came up, Brian and Lindsey took great care in getting us accurate information. We've dealt with builders in the past that would unfortunately just shoot from the hip, throwing out an answer to appease us, regardless of the accuracy of that answer. The Hanson's weren't afraid to tell us that they didn't know an answer to a specific question, but would look into it and get back to us with the right answer. 
5. Quality. As I mentioned previously, I anticipate my family to be in our home for many, many years to come. Thus, quality is of the utmost importance. Having built 3 homes now and knowing others who have done the same, I can confidently say that I am thoroughly impressed with the overall quality and attention to detail in our home. 
In summary, working with Brian and Lindsey Hanson to build the home of our dreams was an absolutely amazing experience. They were fun, kind, creative, thoughtful, responsive, inspiring, hard working and just an absolute pleasure to work with. They perfectly complement one another with Brian's construction skills and knowledge to Lindsey's incredibly tasteful and creative design. Thank you Brian and Lindsey for giving my family a home we are so proud of!



We have used Hanson Homes for both small and large projects, and are always pleased with the final product.  Not only is the work high quality and completed in a timely fashion, but Lindsey and Brian are mindful of budget constraints as well, and were able to help us maximize our kitchen remodel on a small budget.

Dan and Tiffany Garbowitz

Hanson Homes is awesome. We had our bathroom completely wiped out and remodeled. With Lindsey’s artistic eye and ideas combined with Brian’s amazing skill our bathroom was gutted, remodeled, up and running in NO time and I haven’t had any problems and no complaints on the outcome. We are very much in love with our bathroom. One thing I can say about Hanson Homes is they do fabulous work in very little time and they won’t be complete with a project until it’s absolutely perfect !!  We look forward to more renovations to our current home and when we are ready to build a house; Hanson Homes it is!!! Thank you, Thank you!!

Emily Jansma

We have used Hanson Homes for several projects and are always happy with both the planning process and the construction phase.  The finished product always shows great craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Eric and Jill Meulenberg

I would like to thank Brian Hanson and his team for the outstanding job they did by turning our basement into a true family living area.  We now have a family room, bathroom and bedroom in our lower level.  Brian has done other work for us before.  I would recommend Brian to anyone for either a new home or remodeling job.

Terry and Jan Bates

Hanson Homes is an excellent company that we have now used twice for home projects, a basement remodel and the deck.  Brian is a tireless builder with great craftsmanship who is also very detail oriented.  Most importantly, Hanson Homes was easy to work with, listening to our concerns and demands throughout each project.  We absolutely love our basement and deck!

Mike and Marisha Holter

We have had the privilege of seeing a couple of Hanson Homes' custom built homes. Each of these homes was equipped with many unique details which make them stand apart from your cookie-cutter homes that you often see from other construction companies. Some of our favorite details displayed in the Hanson Homes include the custom built walk-in showers, open floor plans, and basements designed for future expansion. We only wish that Hanson Homes was based in Southern Wisconsin so that we could have them build our next home for us!! The people of Grand Rapids are lucky to have such quality craftmanship and artistic talent in the team lead by Brian and Lindsey!


Alison Rockwell

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